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The art & artists of the Big Bend

Homecoming – Lindy Cook Severns

Discover the art and artists of the Big Bend region of Texas

Explore the creativity found in this vast area of Texas – 
discover the Artists and Galleries of the Big Bend.

The 2023 edition of Big Bend Galleries & Artists magazine provides you with everything you need to discover the art and artists of the Big Bend.

Find that perfect piece to take home and add to your personal gallery or simply explore the unique museums and world-class art installations and learn why this area of Texas attracts such diverse creative talent.

View the issue online or pick up your own copy at most Big Bend art galleries.

Ricardo Robles, Wise One
Maria Zerres Gallery – Marfa
Liz Bartlett Culp, Purple Prickly Pear I
Tim Oliver, Summer Grazing
Wayne Baize, Rushing Them Along

Alpine, Fort Davis, Marfa, Marathon, Terlingua, and Presidio: these are the communities of Big Bend, making a mark through culture and the arts.
Gateways to a great wilderness that persists in our collective imagination, these towns are home to the last Texas frontier, stewards of remarkable starry night skies, and neighbors to the state’s largest expanse of wild public lands.  Far away from big city lights, nestled among topography of grand proportions, each montane hamlet has evolved its own special characteristics.
The region got its start with ranching, railroad, military, and mining outposts in the mid 1800s and early 1900s.  Populations ebbed and flowed with the rise and fall of those industries.  Remote, difficult terrain and a lack of abundant water continue to make it a challenging place to settle.  Yet people, especially artists, are still drawn here.
The Big Bend’s scattered villages, all within a half hour to two-hour drive from each other, boast dramatic panoramas in between.  A day drive can take you from sky island mountain tops to the spare desert floor and the surprisingly lush Rio Grande corridor, with people and art scenes as varied as the landscapes along the way.
Annual cultural events like Marfa Art Festival and Alpine Artwalk, plus a growing number of music festivals, rodeos, parades, and big holiday celebrations keep things colorful for locals and visitors alike.  Frequent art shows and gallery openings invite glimpses into the soul of each place.
It’s easy to see how miles of mountains and the ever-present forces of nature inspire the imagination of Big Bend artists.